YoHoHo.io is a unblocked multiplayer game with 3-D graphics and reminisces of a regular pirate game. First enter a username, then proceed to play and lose yourself in that world. A player is allowed to select their character just like their username, but the drawback is that players are only allowed to select 1 character in the beginning. However, as time goes and the player earns more points, more character options will avail themselves. The main screen of the game consists of green grass and some palm trees as well as rocks. These objects will not restrict your movements, but will provide good cover when being attacked by other players. The primary objective of the game is to gain as much gold as you can and also to slay your opponents. Once you slay your opponents, they will become gold for you to gather. The more you kill and eat, the bigger your character becomes. The biggest in the block wins the game so start eating!

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