Shell Shockers Shell Shockers game is a different unblocked at the school game because unlike other games in which primary goal is to kill your opponent, in this game you also have to defend your egg that is entrusted to you. It might seem weird, but you’re given an impressive arsenal of weapons that will aid in cracking the egg of your enemies, but at the same time be cautious of your egg that your enemies are trying to crack. Please enjoy playing this game for free.

What is this Shell Shockers ?

Another point to bring up is to keep an eye on your ammo count since I’ve seen many players forget and lose because of it. The weapon of your choosing only has a limited amount allowed, and in order to gain more, you must gather supplies from the playing board and/or your dead enemies. Last but not least, your health might deplete over time. If you feel that your health is declining greatly, you should try to dodge your opponents and hide at a corner to regenerate your health.

Shell Shockers ( Picture )

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    can you let me play shellshokers please


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