Hordes.io Game guide and tips !

For new players, the hordes.io unblocked at the school game may seem complicated a little bit. It is an advanced game that offers multiple options.

At the beginning, you are asked to select your character and faction as well as to specify a nickname. Archer, mage, shaman and warrior are available character options. After selecting your character, you will need to select a faction either vanguard or bloodlust. Once you complete this phase, you will need to choose a nickname and then you are in the game.

How to play  ?

In order to move your player across the game arena, you can use ASDW or arrow keys. In order to attack enemies, you can use your powers by pressing 1234 keys or auto attack by pressing the Tab key plus the respective key for a specific power. To pick up items discovered on the game arena, you need to perform a left click. The B key lets you open your inventory.

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